Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Computers & iOS Devices With FileApp

June 30, 2011

via MakeUseOf by Jeffry Thurana on 6/30/11

One of the biggest complaints from iOS users is how tied up their devices are to their computer and iTunes. A user has to cable-connect their iDevice(s) to a computer and sync with iTunes to get files in and out of the device. Apple has already addressed this issue in the upcoming iOS 5, but we have to wait until the autumn to apply the solution.

In the meantime, there is an iOS app called FileApp which will help users transfer files wirelessly between computers and iOS devices.

The iDevice Side

FileApp is not only a file manager, but also a universal file viewer. You can use it to open almost any kind of file, from common documents like TXT, DOC, and PDF, to multimedia files such as images, audio, and video. You can find the list of supported files on FileApp’s features page.

  • The first time you open FileApp, you will see the “Start Here” folder. Tap the folder to find the “FileApp Getting Started” PDF guide.

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